Exterior Fireworks

Large-scale fireworks

Exterior Fireworks
Over the years Feux d’artifice Orion became an essential provider for delivering the most spectacular pyromusical shows. Whether it be for a traditional or pyromusical show, for a national holiday, a festival, a wedding or neighbourhood festivities we will amaze you with our unique productions. Whatever the launching site provided to us, a body of water, mountainous terrain or a recreational land, in summer or winter, we can adapt to it and Feux d’artifice Orion will make your event explosively successful! Feux d’artifice Orion can provide a wide variety of pyrotechnical products form the greatest manufacturers in the world.


  • Dancing — China
  • Vulcan — China
  • Lidu — China
  • Fireworks Factory — China
  • Vincente Caballer — Spain
  • Pirotechnia Zaragoza — Spain
  • Panzera s.a.s. — Italy
  • Pirico — Italy
  • Parente — Italy
  • Rozzie — U.S.A.