Interior Fireworks

Interior fireworks

Interior Fireworks
Interior fireworks can be used for a variety of events. Whether for a musical show, a gala, a congress, a sporting event, a wedding or any other event, our pyrotechnicians will create a performance tailored to your needs and budget.

Whether to astonish your guests or to make a splash at your next event, everywhere from a performance hall at the stadium to the arena, we will create a magical moment.

Some of our providers:

  • Next FX — U.S.A.
  • RES — U.S.A.

Here are a few products and services Feux d’artifice Orion can provide you with:

  • Fontains
  • Wheels
  • Micro Mines
  • Flame Effects
  • Powder
  • Airbust
  • Flash Paper
  • Sparkle String
  • Mortar rental
  • Console rental, with or without  cables
  • Pyrotechnicians on request